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The Russia Initiative

Each year since 1993 the East Ohio Conference Russia Initiative has sponsored UMVIM teams who have visited the Black Soil District of Russia 350 miles Southwest of Moscow. These teams have built new relationships with Russian citizens through service projects, contributions to improve severely impoverished orphanages and Boarding schools and Christian witness.

Over 500 United Methodists and friends from other denominations have participated on UMVIM teams, hosted Russian children and adults who have visited East Ohio or participated in the Russia Initiative partnership program sponsored by our denomination and East Ohio Conference.

Through the Russia Initiative 125 United Methodist Churches have been planted throughout Russia.  This small but enthusiastic outpouring of Christ's love provides an alternative to those who have no church home or are unfulfilled in their current church affiliation in Russia.

Participate in this worthy ministry through joining the next UMVIM team or giving to Fund #9093 which helps improve the lives of children or Fund # 9936 which provides aide to all areas of the 3C's focus.