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East Ohio Annual Conference

The East Ohio UMC Conference (EOC) involvement with Sierra Leone became personal when Missionary Nurse, Beth Ferrell was assigned to Sierra Leone, Manjama UM Health Center (MUMHC) and designated as Community-Based Health Training Country Coordinator in December 2001. Many churches in the EOC supported Beth until her retirement in April 2010 and continue to support Manjama UM Health Center through Advance Special (# 13760N); donations of materials/medicines/medical supplies; and participation in Leadership and VIM Trips to Sierra Leone.

The EOC Bishop's 3Cs Task Force embraced Manjama under the C ("clinic").
The Easter Daffodil Sale Offering ($2500) from the Rocky River UMC was dedicated to providing a laboratory building a t Manjama.

A leadership team from EOC visited all the health facilities in Sierra Leone and Liberia. The exuberant welcome experienced by the team at Manjama solidified the EOC involvement with Sierra Leone and Manjama.

A Volunteer in Mission Team (VIM) went to Manjama to participate in a Community-Based Health Training Course for twenty-three traditional birth attendants (TBAs) from Manjama, Taiama and Kono. A Community-Based Health Training Session was also conducted in Gbanahun Village 5 miles from Manjama in the bush. Batteries were installed for the solar wind system and the wind turbine was relocated to better catch prevailing winds. Projects aided by VIM donations were: replacement of the roof on the inpatient building; repainting the Manjama UM sign and established a fund for a vehicle. Funds were left to construct a latrine at the Manjama UM Primary School.

The 3Cs Task Force designated $1400 to refurbish the water well (which had gone dry) This project will be done during the dry season (December-April)..

Donations for the 3Cs Task Force can be sent to the EOC Treasurer with # 9936 and Manjama noted on the memo line of the check. Donations for Manjama Operating Budget can also be sent to the EOC Treasurer with the GBGM Advance number 13760N on the memo line of the check. These donations will be routed on to New York to be sent to Sierra Leone.