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Manjama United Methodist Health Center

Manjama United Methodist Health Center (MUMHC) is located four miles north of Bo in the Southern Province. continues MUMHC to serves the surrounding very poor villages with an average income of less that $1-$2/day/working adult.

MUMHC provides outpatient care for all ages; normal deliveries for maternity patients; referral of complicated pregnancies/deliveries; continuing education programs for traditional birth attendants (TBAs) from the surrounding villages; Maternal Heath Prenatal Clinics and Under Five Nutrition and Immunization programs; and outreach programs into the villages.

In 2010, the Sierra Leone Government began offering free health care for maternity patients and under-five year olds. These services are being offered through donor agencies with an unknown time table for the availability of these free services. The need for this strategy is evident: maternal mortality rate (1%*); infant mortality rate (7.8%*); and under-five underweight rate (21.3%*). However, the religious health centers through out the country were not included in this program and are being impacted by decreased patient visits putting the survival of these health centers in jeopardy.

In 2005, MUMHC was named a Pilot Project site for Community-Based Health Care Training (CBHT) in Rural Health Center in Sierra Leone. Partners in this endeavor are the Sierra Leone UMC Conference, East Ohio UMC Conference, Virginia UMC Conference and UMCOR Health.

The East Ohio UMC Conference (EOC) has designated MUMHC as one of the 3Cs Task Force Clinic Projects in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

In 2009, Mercy UMC Hospital, supported by the VA UMC Conference and as directed by the Sierra Leone UMC Conference, was assigned the administrative responsibility for MUMHC. This does not include financial support.

(*2008 CIA Sierra Leone Country Profile)