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Manjama United Methodist Health Center - Future

The CBHT is projected to conduct a minimum of three (3) courses per year—the courses are four (4) week. Other projected uses for the training center include skills/vocational training courses and possible Volunteer in Mission Housing.

CBH Outreach into the villages served by MUMHC is a new focus while outpatient services/normal maternal deliveries/immunizations/under five nutrition programs continue.

Due to decreased revenues other avenues to generate income are being initiated:

It is unlikely MUMJC will be self sustaining in the foreseeable future. Support through prayer; monetary donations; materials; and volunteer in mission activities are needed to ensure the survival of MUMHC. It is important to continue to be a witness to God’s Love and uplift Jesus Christ through the concrete provision of needed health services to an impoverished area in rural Sierra Leone ( a predominately Muslim Country).