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AC17 opens with greetings, agenda, rules and YAC recap

by Lois Speelman*

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Program Committee
Laverne Jenkins, Program Committee chair, welcomed the delegates and explained that motions and resolutions may be presented from the floor when written on forms provided by the conference secretary.  Reminded the delegates to complete the evaluation form found in the pre-conference workbook.  Jenkins asked that prayer concerns and courtesies and announcements be submitted via email.

Matters of Privilege
Conference Secretary Cindy Patterson, moved that a letter of greeting be sent by the conference secretary to the holder of the conference cane, Rev. Don L. Sprague. Sprague was born on December 19, 1916.  He began serving the church in 1959. He served Fresno, Nevada, Butler: Trinity and Warsaw/Prairie Chapel. He retired in 1982. 

Patterson spoke about procedures for speaking to the house using the provided microphones. She also reminded participants about the wi-fi access and live streaming availability.

Patterson than moved for the establishment of the voting bar be set. 

Episcopacy Committee
Chair Joe Burkhardt greeted the conference and explained what the Episcopacy Committees role is.  The committee supports Bishop Malone is overseeing the spiritual and temporal affairs of the conference.

Burkhardt reported that the bishop spent one full day in each district visiting churches and meeting with laity and clergy. She has had one-on-one conversations with more than 70 laity and clergy in her office and preached 30 times in churches and ministry settings. Bishop Malone has met with compass group leaders, administrative and program committees and all EOC caucuses and fellowship groups. She has also visited mission and ministry sites including the conference camps.

Agenda, Rules and Administrative Process
Chair Gary George asked the delegates to consider two proposed rule changes for 2017.  The formula to determine equalization by substitution and deletion rule was modified.

The second rule change dealt with a procedural change in the casting and counting of ballots.  
David Palmer, chair of finance and administration introduced the Director of Financial & Administrative Services, Vera Rebrovich.

Youth Annual Conference 2017 Recap
Austin Wolfinger, president of Council on Youth Ministries presented a recap report from Youth Annual Conference.  He shared that in November Project Feed was held in two locations with more than 500 participants. 50,000 meals were packed along with 700 non-perishable times donated to local food banks in Newcomerstown and Wadsworth.

The theme for the 2017 youth conference was “Live It.” David Whitt was the keynote speaker and Bishop Malone brought the message for Sunday morning where communion was shared.

Saturday afternoon break-out sessions were held with a focus on missions.

Brooke Hilliard, representing Cokesbury, Abingdon Press and the Common English Bible brought greetings to the conference.  She highlighted new resources available.

* Lois Speelman, East Ohio Conference Communications

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