WORSHIP | Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Morning Worship | Bishop Michael McKee

By Lois Speelman*

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The East Ohio Conference Youth Band led the opening worship songs, “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty” and “Come Now is the Time to Worship”.
The call to worship was led by East Ohio Youth and reminded the delegates we are connected like vines through our songs and prayers.

Congregational singing followed with “You’re Worthy of My Praise” and “Blessed Be Your Name”.
Bishop Tracy Malone introduced the morning speaker, Rev. Michael McKee, North Texas Conference.

The East Ohio Youth read the scripture which was Philippians 2: 1-11 (NRSV).   The choral anthem was “Lord, Listen to Your Children” sung by the East Ohio Conference Choir.

A skit was presented by the youth.  An evaluation process is in progress at Cornerstone Inc. The interviewers name is JC and he meets with a number of employees. 

The first subject feels that he has rivals and must always be looking out for himself.  JC suggests that a major project was delayed because this employee has no sense of teamwork.

The next employee to be evaluated pointed out that he had seniority and considered himself one of the best employees.  JC pointed out that perhaps he should form relationships with fellow employees and strive for and attitude of humility.

At the conclusion of the interviews, JC receives a phone call. He answers, “This is Jesus.”  Jesus ends the call by saying he will be right there and will bring along a plunger to clean up the mess.

Bishop McKee opened his remarks by stating “I’m from Texas and I’ve seen a lot of bugs, but let me tell you these are the biggest bugs I’ve ever seen.”  He was referencing the annual invasion of the Mayflies who began to appear Tuesday night. He followed that statement with this: “Everything is bigger in Teas, including our stories.” 

The sermon title for this service was “Have This Mind”. McKee spoke of the book, The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg, a New York Times reporter. He cited examples of the principle that humans tend to use cue, routine and reward to form habits. “Habits are important” he said, but they can confine our ability to make decisions based on new information.

Bishop McKee shared his observation that churches and Christians can lack discipline which can derail our faith lives.  “We are scattered.”  He stated that he is more and more drawn to the model of discipleship found in Philippians. 

He suggested we avoid thinking that “we’ve all got to agree on everything.”  He pointed out that the early church had no doctrine and that it seems “we like to make things complicated.”

He ended with a phrase he uses in many places in his work with leadership and churches.  “God wants to introduce us to someone whom we don’t know; so that we may introduce them to the God that loves them.”

* Lois Speelman, East Ohio Conference Communications

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