Registration opened on Monday, April 5 and closed on Friday, May 14.


Annual Conference members, again in 2021, participated remotely from their home or church office, unless they were on the agenda to give a presentation live from the John S. Knight Center.

Viewing Business Sessions and Voting
If you participate in AC 2021 using a desktop computer, laptop computer, or tablet, you can both view the sessions and vote during them from that same device.

If you participate in AC 2021 using a smartphone, you will be able cast votes from that device, but you will need a second device to view the Zoom webinar of the sessions. Please plan accordingly.

Technical Support
Data On The Spot (DOTS) will again provide technical support during conference and the practice sessions preceding it.

Voting Elector ID & Password
The team from DOTS will again provide the online voting platform for AC 2021. The company will e-mail your unique, non-transferable elector ID and password between Wednesday, May 19 and Friday, May 21. Please note that you cannot share a voting device with another person.

Clergy Attendance
It is the duty of every ministerial member and local pastor under appointment of the annual conference to attend Annual Conference sessions and to furnish reports in such form as the Discipline may require. Any such person unable to attend shall report by letter to the Conference secretary, setting forth the reason for his or her absence.