East Ohio Annual Conference procedure for submitting Resolutions to Annual Conference
Full rules concerning Resolutions can be found beginning on page 8-27 (¶ 2.I) of the 2017 East Ohio Conference Journal.

Definition:  Resolutions are matters for consideration by the annual conference which are not motions for action or proper amendments to reports by conference agencies, but which call for expression of opinion by the annual conference on issues of concern to the membership of the church and the general public.  Resolutions may be submitted by any member of a United Methodist Church or an annual conference organization of the East Ohio Conference.

Format:  Resolutions should include:

  1. Resolution title. 
    NOTE: A Resolution number will be assigned by the Conference Secretary.
  2. Funding source, if not specifically included in the budget.
  3. The “Whereas” statements giving rationale for the resolution.
  4. The “Resolved” statements giving the specific stance or action called for.
  5. Submitter’s name. 
    NOTE: If the resolution is submitted by a group, then an individual contact person should be indicated.  That person’s cell phone number and e-mail address should be included but will not be printed in the Pre-Conference Workbook.

Submit:  Resolutions should be submitted to Annual Conference Secretary Cindy Patterson,

Deadline:  Resolutions must be received by March 15 to be printed in the Pre-Conference Workbook.  Resolutions that become timely after the March 15 deadline can be submitted to Cindy Patterson by 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 10, the day prior to the start of Annual Conference 2018.  Resolutions submitted after the deadline are subject to Annual Conference voting to consider them.