Tuesday Worship

Untamed and in Love

By Rev. Timothy McCollum*

As we gathered in worship on Tuesday morning, we were invited to live into a moment of remembrance. The liturgy we shared recalled our coming together to form The United Methodist Church. Historical video clips from the Methodist and Evangelical United Brethren Churches were interspersed with spoken liturgy calling us not only to remember the path we have traveled, but also to remember the Holy Spirit that draws us forward together.

Rev. Kimberly Arbaugh shared the message centering us on our calling. It only took a short minute before she challenged us, asking whether we still carried deep passion for Christ and the work of the Kingdom.

As Arbaugh spoke, she shared that passion in the church cannot rest in our emotions. Instead, passion becomes an expression of our committed discipleship and enthusiasm for God’s work in the world. Often, a good message balances an invitation to something incredible and a challenge to live into that invitation. As Arbaugh shared, she consistently pointed us to the Holy Spirit that call us into new life in Christ. She called us into the presence and power of the Spirit, who is still transforming lives in amazing and unique ways. Without the Spirit working in is and in our churches, anything else will be for naught.

As she closed her message, Rev. Arbaugh asked those gathered, “Are you ready for the Spirit to take hold of our churches, are you ready to give the Spirit room to set us on fire?”

Closing with the Wesleyan Covenant prayer and the hymn “Come, Let us Use the Grace Divine,” we were sent to be the Church.


*Rev. Timothy McCollum is pastor of Fitchville, New Haven, and North Fairfield UMCs.