2024 Resolutions

Resolution 2024-03: “Clear and Open Appointments”
General Church Budget Implications: None
East Ohio Conference Implications: Yes

Whereas: clear and open appointments is a process by which clergy are provided an opportunity to share their interest with the appointive Cabinet in appointments that are known early in the process due to retirements, the ending of an interim period, or a change in status of the outgoing pastor; and

Whereas: clear and open appointments would potentially reduce bias by ensuring that all those who might be interested in a position have the opportunity to be considered by Cabinet, while still maintaining the bishop’s ultimate authority to appoint the right pastor to the right church; and

Whereas: there are numerous annual conferences that utilize some form of “clear and open appointments” including:

  • Michigan AC
  • Iowa AC
  • Minnesota AC
  • Dakotas AC
  • Northern Illinois AC
  • Indiana AC
  • Great Plains AC
  • Missouri AC
  • Mountain Sky AC
  • Greater Northwest AC
  • Pacific Northwest AC
  • Baltimore Washington AC
  • Pennsylvania Delaware AC
  • New York AC
  • Eastern Pennsylvania AC
  • Greater New Jersey AC
  • Upper New York AC
  • Greater Northwest Episcopal Area
  • Oregon-Idaho AC
  • Desert Southwest AC

Whereas: we, the annual conference, hope to see a continued move toward a collaborative discernment approach; and

Whereas: 1st John 1:7 tells us when we “walk in the light, as [Jesus] is in the light, we have fellowship with one another”.

Therefore, be it resolved: that we appreciate the concept of clear and open appointments and hope there will be opportunities to explore it further.

Submitted by: Rev. Andrew Scott OSL, Rev. Jared Gadomski Littleton, Rev. Allison LeBrun, Rev. Shannon V. Pitorak, Rev. Dianne Tobey Covault OSL, Rev. Kyle Gould OSL, Rev. Lorrin Radzik, Rev. Charles Tobias, Rev. Derek Kubilus OSL, Pastor James Szakacs, Rev. Linda McCowen, Rev. Jennifer Darling-Mellott, Rev. Pamela Buzalka, Lindsay Mahaney LLP, Rev. Beth McGuire, Rev. Scott M. Low, Sam Mohn LLP, Pastor Sandra Stover, Dr. Valerie Riedthaler, deaconess