Clergy Session

Beloved of God,

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! We celebrate the work of faith and labor of love with which each of you serve Christ through the East Ohio Conference, pointing steadfastly to the hope we share in Jesus Christ.

When Jesus sent the 70 disciples, he did not send them out alone. Two-by-two they went to every place where Jesus himself intended to go. Because they were not alone, they could have each other’s back, hold one another accountable, and encourage each other when they faltered. Jesus showed us that ministry is healthier and more effective when it is not done alone.

We are a covenantal community who support, hold accountable, and encourage one another as we share in a common ministry in East Ohio.

We honor the covenant into which God has called us through our presence and full participation in this Clergy Session as we re-connect with one another and celebrate how Christ has lived and loved through us over the past year.

Yours in Christ,

Bishop Tracy S. Malone Rev. Jonathan R. Priebe
Resident Bishop Chairperson
East Ohio Conference of The UMC Board of Ministry