Journeying Toward Wholeness: a Lenten Devotional from Bishop Tracy S. Malone

Journeying Toward Wholeness: a Lenten Devotional from Bishop Tracy S. Malone

I have created a Lenten scripture and reflection calendar for the East Ohio Conference. The theme is Journeying Toward Wholeness.

I invite the clergy and laity of the East Ohio Conference to join me on a 40-day journey as we, together, grow deeper in our love for God through Jesus Christ and in love and action toward our neighbor. During this Lenten season, beginning with Ash Wednesday, we will take time to focus on the word for the day and read and reflect on scripture. Together we will observe and practice the disciplines of surrender, love, prayer, giving, serving and healing. I invite everyone to keep a journal of this faith experience as we listen and respond to the grace of God.

“Don’t fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns. Before you know it, a sense of God’s wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down. It’s wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life.” - Philippians 4:6-7 (The Message)

View and print the Lenten devotional calendar. After opening the pdf, use the tools in the top right corner of the pdf window to print or download.

Bishop Tracy S. Malone & Extended Cabinet Stand Against Racism

Bishop Tracy S. Malone & Extended Cabinet Stand Against Racism

Bishop Tracy S. Malone, the Extended Cabinet, and East Ohio Conference laity and clergy are making their voices heard as they and our brothers and sisters in Christ across The United Methodist Church stand against racism.

Read the Anti-Racism Commitment signed by Bishop Tracy S. Malone & the Extended Cabinet.

Read the Covenant to Resist Racism signed by EOC Laity and Clergy.

View the Stand Against Racism page on the Conference website to view and download:

  • small group studies,
  • videos and podcasts,
  • and resources for all age groups.

Read the Multicultural Vitality Board statement celebrating two momentous announcements that highlight the importance of standing against racism and promoting equality and opportunity for all.

View the Council of Bishops Lent devotions. Each week of Lent and every day of Holy Week we will confess and fast from the sin of racism, discrimination, oppression and exclusion and feast on the beauty and blessing of the diversity of God’s Church.

Experiences of Race and Ministry: Pastor Stanley Miller, Rev. Dr. Anthony Everett & Rev. David Whitt

Experiences of Race and Ministry: Pastor Stanley Miller, Rev. Dr. Anthony Everett & Rev. David Whitt

The East Ohio Conference Black Pastors’ Fellowship and the Multicultural Vitality office have produced a new video series with reflection questions to create discussion and move us all towards racial justice.

“I’m a long-term Christian but I am not a long-term pastor so I’m growing as I learn about the issues that pastors have to deal with and this issue with race is a huge one. I came out of corporate America and I learned very quickly that if you were a person of color you had no standing.” – Pastor Stanley Miller, Oberlin Rust UMC and Lorain Wesley UMC

“The Church is supposed to be one that doesn’t see Jew or Gentile, male or female, it does see race, it does see ethnicity, – and it does see male and female, for that matter – and so there’s a problem there.” – Rev. Dr. Anthony Everett, former pastor of University Circle UMC

Rev. David Whitt of Twinsburg Faith UMC has never forgotten what a neighbor told him when he was struggling taking a garbage can to the curb as a kid. “’You know, David, one day you can grow up and you can be a garbage man.’ What she was really saying was ‘that’s the best you can do.’”

View/download the videos and reflection questions.

Equipping local churches to be, make, and mature disciples of Jesus Christ

EOC Vision

EOC VISION: As our Episcopal leader, Bishop Tracy S. Malone holds out a vision and a hope that we will be bold, faithful and courageous in our Christian witness and will behold the power, the Holy Spirit’s power, that has been poured out upon us. View the bishop’s vision message.

2021 Clergy Appointments

2021 CLERGY APPOINTMENTS: Bishop Tracy S. Malone and the Cabinet make clergy appointments with a commitment to open itineracy and consideration of the gifts and evidence of God’s grace of those appointed and the needs, characteristics and opportunities of congregations. View the clergy appointments list.

General Conference 2020

CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19): Visit this resource for messages from Bishop Malone, links to livestreamed worship services, non-traditional worship ideas, and other tips we can incorporate in order to stay connected to and minister with church and community members during the coronavirus pandemic.

Teach • Reach • Bless

TEACH • REACH • BLESS: The $1.5 million campaign to build a new dorm for female students at Africa University reinforces our East Ohio Conference commitment to the education and wellness of women today for a better Africa tomorrow. Learn more about and support Teach • Reach • Bless.



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