Registration for AC 2021 and for Clergy Executive Session Ends May 14

Registration for AC 2021 and for Clergy Executive Session Ends May 14

Registration for both Annual Conference 2021 and for this year’s Clergy Executive Session ends May 14.

Each AC member and each clergy session participant will register using their e-mail address, so each person registering needs their own e-mail address that is not shared by another person. District administrative assistants are available to assist those needing help creating a new e-mail account.

The e-mail address is the only place that participants will receive: the link to the webinar/voting practice session; the link to the Annual Conference and Clergy Executive session webinars; and their unique, non-transferable voting ID.

Those who miss the May 14 registration deadline will be able to view the livestream of Annual Conference but will not have the ability to vote during this year’s conference. Those missing the Clergy Executive Session registration deadline will not be able to view the session or vote during it because the clergy session is not livestreamed.

Presentations and worship will be live from the John S. Knight Center in Akron. Members will participate remotely via a Zoom webinar and will vote online.

Register for AC 2021 and Clergy Session.

Bishop Tracy S. Malone & Extended Cabinet Stand Against Racism

Bishop Tracy S. Malone & Extended Cabinet Stand Against Racism

Bishop Tracy S. Malone, the Extended Cabinet, and East Ohio Conference laity and clergy are making their voices heard as they and our brothers and sisters in Christ across The United Methodist Church stand against racism.

Read the Anti-Racism Commitment signed by Bishop Tracy S. Malone & the Extended Cabinet.

Read the Covenant to Resist Racism signed by EOC Laity and Clergy.

View the Stand Against Racism page on the Conference website to view and download:

  • small group studies,
  • videos and podcasts,
  • and resources for all age groups.

Read the Multicultural Vitality Board statement celebrating two momentous announcements that highlight the importance of standing against racism and promoting equality and opportunity for all.

View the Council of Bishops Lent devotions. Each week of Lent and every day of Holy Week we will confess and fast from the sin of racism, discrimination, oppression and exclusion and feast on the beauty and blessing of the diversity of God’s Church.

Clergy and Laity Asked to Support Efforts to End Acts of Anti-Asian Violence

Clergy and Laity Asked to Support Efforts to End Acts of Anti-Asian Violence

In May 2020, Bishop Tracy S. Malone and the East Ohio Conference Extended Cabinet committed to stand against racism and to take action, learn together, and continue to press forward in transforming our Church, our communities, and our world into the “beloved community.”

The EOC Board of Multicultural Vitality encourages clergy and lay members of the Conference to prayerfully and consciously seek ways to respond to the racism and violence we have witnessed against Asians and Asian Americans.  In the face of hate and racism we, as Christians, are called to live into our baptismal vows to “accept the freedom and power God gives us to resist evil, injustice, and oppression in whatever forms they present themselves.”

We stand in solidarity with EOC congregations like Cuyahoga Falls Grandview UMC and with our Korean United Methodist churches and others that are in ministry with Asian and Asian Americans. We pray for our Asian American church members, congregations, their families, and local and national Asian American communities.

As an act of learning read the Statement Against Anti-Asian Violence written by the New Federation of Asian American United Methodists.

Equipping local churches to be, make, and mature disciples of Jesus Christ

EOC Vision

EOC VISION: As our Episcopal leader, Bishop Tracy S. Malone holds out a vision and a hope that we will be bold, faithful and courageous in our Christian witness and will behold the power, the Holy Spirit’s power, that has been poured out upon us. View the bishop’s vision message.

AC 2021 & Appointments

AC 2021 & APPOINTMENTS: Annual Conference 2021 will be livestreamed June 16-19 from the John S. Knight Center in Akron. AC members will participate remotely and vote online. Registration opened on Monday, April 5 and closes on Friday, May 14. View the AC 2021 website.

General Conference 2020

CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19): Visit this resource for messages from Bishop Malone, links to livestreamed worship services, non-traditional worship ideas, and other tips we can incorporate in order to stay connected to and minister with church and community members during the coronavirus pandemic.

Teach • Reach • Bless

TEACH • REACH • BLESS: The $1.5 million campaign to build a new dorm for female students at Africa University reinforces our East Ohio Conference commitment to the education and wellness of women today for a better Africa tomorrow. Learn more about and support Teach • Reach • Bless.



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